Our business is a member of the "Ambassadeurs  Orval", as an ambassador we promote Orval Trappist products by showcasing Orval branded products on the walls and in the two window displays in our brasserie.

As an "Ambassadeur Orval" we are pleased to offer you young and aged (minimum 6 months in the cellar) Orval beer, served cold or tempered and accompanied with cheese. You can also sample one of the 40 different beers available on our menu (of which there are 6 Trappist beers).

The "Orval" brasserie connects with the smoking room and its bistro tables where guests can take a break during their meal or enjoy an after-dinner liqueur.  During winter, both rooms benefit from the warmth given out by our double-sided "Bodart & Gonay" log burner.