Le Fournil Hotel*** Restaurant Brasserie welcomes you to Redu, Book Village.


Brief history of our establishment :


In September, our establishment was officially recognised by the Belgian National Tourist Office as a 3 star Hotel ***.
  January and the first 3 months of the year saw the complete renovation of the 4 existing bedrooms and the creation of 2 new bedrooms. The furniture in the two dining rooms was replaced along with insulation work and painting throughout the hotel, amongst other things...all this work was undertaken in order to be able to obtain official recognition as a Hotel and to be able to offer our increasing numbers of guests an even warmer welcome.


Installation of a new lighting system on the terrace as well as a PA system affording a pleasant ambiance on summer evenings.


In January, to mark the restaurant's 30 year anniversary (1979-2009) and to comply with all current fire standards, major works were undertaken on the entire building. At the same time, complete renovation of the "Brasserie" including: Installation of a new ceiling with a solid oak structure, installation of a double-sided cassette fire, replacing the old furniture with more comfortable benches, tables and chairs. Creation of two window displays to showcase various Orval products, replacing the old lighting with more economical LED lighting, replacing the old wooden flooring with new solid oak parquet flooring etc....


On 18 August, Chantal LEGRAND died unexpectedly and was sadly unable to make the most of her well deserved "retirement". Link in her memory.
  In July, the first major investments by the two brothers, who, with an eye on continuing to develop their business, purchased new furniture for the terrace, new parasols and installed an awning with gas heating and windbreaks.
  In June, takeover of the business by the two sons who went into partnership and jointly formed the limited company S.P.R.L Le Fournil. Chantal, their mother was finally able to "put her feet up" after nearly 30 years, 20 of which she spent heading up the business singlehandedly.
  In January, significant works completed in the kitchen and new equipment purchased with a view to enhancing functionality and making it more efficient.


In April, it’s the second son’s turn, Quentin, to join the team.


Le Fournil celebrates its 25-year-old existence.


In September, Jonathan, the eldest son, joins the family business.


Chantal and Frantz get separated, Chantal repurchases alone the building and in the years thereafter she undertakes lots of works to renovate and modernize the building.


In July REDU becomes permanent Book Village, the first on the continent and the second in the world.
  In April Twinning REDU / HAY-ON-WYE, first Book Village in the world, situated in Wales.


In July, they decide to open a restaurant and call it “Le Fournil” referring to the old part where the baker's oven used to be, and which is now one of the two restaurant rooms.


In November, Chantal LEGRAND and her husband Frantz BINSFELD buy an old building right in the centre of REDU. This old farm, originally a post house, is made of  sand- and limestone bricks, its main building dates back to the 18th century and the outbuildings (cattle sheds, barns, baking place) date back to 1861.


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